We are seeking a freelance consultant to undertake the following work for a maximum fee of £10,000 including VAT and all expenses:

We are seeking to commission a thoroughgoing review of our strategic development with the aim of reducing our over-reliance upon Local Authority funding and grants by generating more earned income and making full use of our site and collection.  We wish to commission an experienced consultant to research, develop and facilitate the Trustees’ thinking for a new strategic development / business plan. The Trustees are keen to explore all commercial options for the museum.

The project will be based on close consultation with trustees, museum staff and volunteers, and stakeholders. This consultation will involve at least two in-person meetings at the museum; one at the start of the project and one to discuss the draft report / recommendations. The consultant will provide regular project updates via Zoom and email. The first meeting will be a chance for some blue sky thinking, and to revisit elements of a recent (2018) business planning exercise bearing in mind the impact of the pandemic.

Project Deliverables / Outcomes:

  • A plan for 2021 to address the immediate challenge presented by Covid-19 by finding ways to generate income to offset the loss of many of our earned income streams..
  • A plan for the short term (up to 2023/24) to plan for the museum’s sustainable future, including a review of the museum’s assets and sources of income generation, to identify new opportunities for the museum (especially new income sources) and to plan the route towards a capital redevelopment.
  • To plan for the key long term objective of achieving financial sustainability and independence for the museum to reduce and eliminate the reliance on grant funding for core activities.

For full details and how to apply please click here. Closing date for submission of proposals: 10:00am 06/01/2021