From August 23rd, you are invited to take a journey around the museum which ends in the cab of the Tivvy Bumper.

An advert for GWR from 1921A hundred years ago, this advert on the front page of the Tiverton Gazette, encouraged local residents to take holidays by train to London, Reading or Cornwall. The GWR, often known as ‘God’s Wonderful Railway’ was a pioneer in the development of tourism in the south-west. It owned large hotels in popular destinations, including the The Manor House at  Moretonhampstead (now Bovey Castle) which it acquired in 1930.

When you take the museum journey, towards the end, have a good look around the transport gallery, the ‘home of the Tivvy Bumper’ – there is a host of local railway memorabilia. Compare the Tivvy Bumper now, with the photo, when it arrived at the museum in 1978.