In February 1921, the Tiverton Gazette revealed:

‘The fascinating craze for home dyeing has without a doubt come to stay. The majority of women seem to take a delight in constantly changing the colour of their blouses, dresses, lingerie etc. No doubt this is is due to some extent to the present day need for economy, combined with the fact that for a few pence the old and faded blouse and skirt may be made like new’.

The Museum has an extensive costume collection. It includes mens, womens and childrens clothing from the every day to haute-couture. Many of the items are in store but do come out for temporary exhibitions. The photos show a few items which would have been worn, by women, in the early 1920s and some might have been suitable for the home dyeing craze!

Yellow 1920s bathing suit with shorts

Our catalogue describes this item as ‘jersey swimming costume with integral drawers’!

white cotton nightdress with embroidery on dress mannequin

White cotton nightdress