Easter Sunday in 1922 was, like this year, a late one on April 16th. The Gazette reported:

‘Although heavy storms were experienced in Tiverton on Easter Sunday there were large congregations at the various places of worship. At St Peter’s Church the Rector, the Rev E A Chapman was celebrating his first Easter services and the congregations were larger than for many years past. There were celebrations of Holy Communion at 7 and 8 and Mattins at 11. After Mattins there was a choral celebration of the Holy Eucharist…….. a children’s service was held in the afternoon. At Evensong the choir rendered an anthem …. the collections during the day amounted to £24’.

It was difficult to find items directly related to Easter in our collection. The red eggs are lacquered and lined with paper and would have been filled with sweets as Easter presents. Once empty, the smaller one fits inside the bigger egg.

In 1908, Easter Sunday was on April 19th and Tiverton was covered in snow. That month recorded some of the latest and heaviest snowfalls in Southern England. The Easter snow had thawed but by the end of the month it was back again. From April 23 to the 26th, the snow was 6 -8 inches deep across a large part of the country and record low temperatures were felt in the North, -12.8C.

Written by museum volunteer, Sue.