In late September 1922 ‘winter’ sports were already underway but Thorne’s were touting for custom. Lacrosse ‘bats’ are now called ‘sticks’. Blundell’s didn’t play lacrosse at that time, where was it played? We’d love to know, please let us know if you’ve got any ideas.

A silver sports trophy cup with a large bowl and two handles engraved 'The Winifred Ellis Memorial Cup' on the bowl.

The Winifred Ellis Memorial Cup

The house hockey teams at Tiverton Girls’ School played for the Winifred Ellis Cup for the first time in 1922. The Museum has a large number of sporting trophies awarded, amongst others, for tennis, athletics, gymnastics, shooting and boxing.

A framed poster showing an illustration of two men boxing. Writing underneath the scene says 'BOXING Heathcoat Hall'

Heathcoat Hall Boxing poster

Come and see some of these which are on display on the ground floor of the Museum. This cabinet also includes an Olympic torch from the 1948 London Games. Local sporting legend, Ken Holland was part of the relay from Wembley to Torquay where the Yachting was held.

Olympic torch with the Olympic symbol of five intertwined rings cut out of the bowl and '1948' in relief

1948 Olympic Torch

A man wearing a dark sleeveless top and white shorts standing in a playing field holding a metal torch

Ken Holland holding his 1948 Olympic Torch









Although this Blundell’s fixture list for the beginning of 1922 says it is for their ‘football’ team, the football scoring points on the back page indicate that it must be Rugby Football. The 1922 opponents included  away matches at Bath, Bristol University and the Royal Naval (RN) College Keyham while they welcomed the RN College Dartmouth to Blundells.

A football fixtures cards from Blundell's School, 1921-1922

Blundell’s School Football Fixtures card