A piece of dark green or brown cloth. 'Morebath for home and country 1924' is embroidered in yellow thread as part of an emblem featuring some red flowers. There is a leaf motif embroidered in yellow and green in the opposite corner.

A tablecloth decorated and used by Morebath WI

In November 1922, an article appeared in the Gazette outlining the, then fairly recent, development of the Women’s Institute (WI). Founded in Canada in 1897, it was brought to this country by a Canadian immigrant. The first WI in the UK was founded in 1915, during the First World War. It particularly encouraged women from rural areas to grow and preserve food so contributing to the war effort.

A group of knitted people and animals laid out on a table. There are also some knitted vegetable patches and other accessories. There is a handwritten sign saying 'Little Knittington Village'.

Little Knittington, created in 1988 by members of Puddington and Black Dog WI

The National Federation was formed in 1917 and the first branch in Devon started in Cullompton in the same year. The organisation was growing so rapidly that it needed representation at County level. In 1920 the Devon Federation of Women’s Institute was founded. For many years, when it was unusual for women to work outside the home, the WI provided opportunities for interests in the outside world and much needed social interaction.

A white or cream cup and saucer and a side plate, all edged in gold. They all bear an emblem with a letter W and a letter I intertwined.

Commemorative china given to the Museum by Willand WI