By the beginning of December adverts were beginning to appear enticing the reader to ‘shop early’ for Christmas. The Tiverton Tobacco House, in Gold Street, was amongst them. The dangers of smoking were far from people’s minds in the 1920s.

Newspaper advert for a Xmas Sale at 'The Smokeries' - The Tiverton Tobacco House. There is a list of all sorts of products like cigar cases and cigarette holders and an offer to 'shop early and secure the Special Discount.

Newspaper advert for a Xmas Sale at ‘The Smokeries’ – The Tiverton Tobacco House

Newspaper Advert for 'The Smokeries' Tiverton Tobacco House. The slogan is 'Give Him a Pipe!' and there is an illustration of a smoking pipe with the tagline 'no present is more acceptable to the smoker'.

Newspaper Advert for ‘The Smokeries’ Tiverton Tobacco House








There appear to be a variety of ideas on the origins of the smoking cap but they may have developed from the fez, popular in the Ottoman Empire. In this country, they were most popular in the mid to late 19th century. At this time, smoking was not as widespread as it became in the 20th century. It was considered impolite to smoke in front of ladies. The smoking cap, often paired with a smoking jacket, protected clothes and hair from the smell of tobacco. In the days before central heating, they also afforded some warmth. The cap was often a handmade gift from a wife or fiancée.

Newspaper Advert for 'The Smokeries' Tiverton Tobacco House. The slogan reads 'Give him a Walking Stick!! A good one will last a life-time to remind him of the giver'.

Newspaper Advert for ‘The Smokeries’ Tiverton Tobacco House.

Having fallen out of favour for a long time, they are now making a resurgence, not for smoking of course, but as a fashion item.

We have three caps in our collection. The first is a beautifully embroidered example with rowan berries and leaves, it has a quilted lining. The second, adorned with gold braid, has a gold wire button in the centre and a lining of gold silk. The third doesn’t look so impressive in the photo, it is made of beige velveteen and is lined with cotton.

Smoking cap of a soft looking navy material embroidered with red berries and green leaves.

Smoking Cap

SMoking Cap of red velvet with a gold button on the top and gold trim

Smoking Cap

Smoking Cap in brown velveteen. It is otherwise, very plain

Smoking Cap