Newspaper cutting that reads 'Conducted Parties to Canada. Splendid opportunity for farmers and farm workers. Assisted passages to Canada and Australia. Full particulars of Thorne and Baker Emigrations and Shipping Agents. Cullompton, Uffculme and Tiverton.

Newspaper cutting about passages to Canada

In the 1920s, Canada was very keen to attract people working in agriculture to settle in their country. There was plenty of land available particularly in the centre of the country. In 1922 the Empire Resettlement Act gave assistance with travel and resettlement to farmers, domestic workers and child migrants. More than 400,000 Britons left under this scheme. 160,000 went to Canada which was far fewer than they had hoped for.

The Museum has archive holdings for Tiverton in Ontario and Tiverton in Nova Scotia. Both are small settlements.

Tiverton, Ontario, is on the shores of Lake Huron. In 2021 the population was 717. There are at least two explanations as to the origin of the name. One relates to Lord Palmeston, who was prime minister and our local MP at the time the village was founded but there was also, apparently a local pioneer called Tivvy after whom the village may have been named.

Tiverton, Nova Scotia, is even smaller with about 300 inhabitants. It is a small fishing village on the northern most tip of Long Island in the Bay of Fundy. The area is popular for whale watching, hiking and birdwatching.

Small black hand crank sewing machine with ornate looking gold designs

Sewing machine dating from the 1870s, made by Charles Raymond of Guelph, Ontario and imported by P Frank in Liverpool

A small mangle that is wall mounted in the photo

This mangle was found on a rubbish tip at Creacombe! It was made by Beatty Brothers of Canada, founded in 1874 they produced agricultural and household appliances for almost 100 years before merging with other companies in the 1960s. It is on display in our Kitchen Laundry Gallery.


A close up of some wording on a mangle that reads 'The roll is the life of the wringer. Three or five year guaranteed wringers are the most satisfactory. They wring driest and last longest because the rolls have more and better rubber in them.

Close up of wording on a mangle


A commemorative badge pin, white background with red writing in a circle round the edge reading 'Village of Tiverton - 1879 Centennial 1979'. In the centre there is a wheatsheaf, with a large building above and some maple leaves underneath.

Pin commemorating 100 years since the founding of Tiverton, Ontario

Written by Museum Volunteer, Sue B.