There were several articles in the Gazette of late March 1924 referring to the Wolf Cubs Jamboree. Parents and local people had been very supportive with funding for their new hut and the Cubs wanted to demonstrate how well the building was being used. There were exhibitions of the boys’ craft skills as well as various performances. It was held over four days.

The Museum holds a logbook of the 1st Tiverton Wolf Cub Pack covering the years from 1923 – 1944.

1st Wolf Cub Pack Logbook

The date of this photo, below, can be confirmed from the original which is in the log book. This shows the Pack in 1924.

1st Tiverton Wolf Cub Pack 1924

It was a busy year for the Cubs. As well as their own Jamboree, they travelled to London to attend the Imperial Jamboree which was part of the British Empire Exhibition. The following items are pasted in the Cubs’ logbook.

As well as all the press cuttings relating to both the local and international Jamborees, there are two pages of photos from the trip to London.

The Jamboree was held in August and was attended by 13,000 Boy Scouts, including 7000 Cubs, from around the British Empire. At the time, it was the largest ever Scout camp to be held. There are some interesting catering statistics – 75,000 gallons of water, 6,000 loaves, and 250 pounds of tea were used daily along with 500 yards of suet roll for lunch!

Museum Volunteer, Sue B